How To Choose The Right Tires For Drag Racing

How To Choose The Right Tires For Drag Racing – The tire temperature on the track should usually be about 20 degrees cooler than the track temperature. “Burn longer on colder days,” advises our source at Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “On hotter days, just smoke a little and brush them off. The shorter the burn-in, the less the rubber will wear, so the tires will last longer.” Photo by Evan Smith/Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels.

Fairing vs. Radial is often the first decision for these racers, but there are additional factors to consider before they burn that rubber on the drag strip.

How To Choose The Right Tires For Drag Racing

It is as simple as this. “Racers are looking for traction, something that can move their car as fast as possible,” says Farron Lubbers of Hoosier Racing Tire, Lakeville, Indiana. Sounds easy enough.

Cicio Performance 17

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The Fitness Regime Of Motogp Riders

The Fitness Regime Of Motogp Riders – Andrea Dovizioso is a smart driver. His talent was discovered at a very young age by Aprilia, where he excelled in Italian championship wins and speed. He made his MotoGP debut at 15 and won the 125cc world championship with Honda at 18. Although his best win came with a Ducati at the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, the bike he has battled with Marco Marquez’s Honda in recent years. Still, a winner from the start

But what made a champion of this level, who was in the prime of his life, stay at the top for so many years? Consistency, dedication and hard work. Also – and most importantly – his training is done in the winter months, when the season has not yet started, and if you choose the right day, even during the season, so as not to overtax the … Read the rest

Sponsorship In Motogp

Sponsorship In Motogp – Case IH is sponsoring the Aprilia racing team for the 2022 MotoGP season, in a move that links an agricultural brand to CNH Industrial with one of the most successful names in the history of motorcycle racing.

The agreement, which begins with the first 2022 race in Qatar, creates a partnership between businesses that operate at the pinnacle of technical innovation in their respective engineering sectors. Case IH has long made agricultural equipment, pioneering developments such as the world’s first articulated rubber-tracked high-horsepower tractor, the Quadtrac. Meanwhile, the new approach of Aprilia Racing, part of the Piaggio Group in Italy, helped bring it to hundreds of victories and 54 world titles in all categories of motorcycle sports racing. As it heads into the 2022 MotoGP season, riders Aleix Espargaró and Maverick Vinales, two of the most talented drivers in the championship, will fight to increase the … Read the rest

Training Tips For Aspiring Motocross Champions

Training Tips For Aspiring Motocross Champions – Advanced enduro and hard enduro riding takes energy and dedication, it doesn’t just happen, so this is how Megs and I approach upping our game, and it ultimately boils down to dedicated training. I’ve written this following our live chat on the topic – you can watch it here:

So what is dedicated practice? It focuses on individual elements of skill or riding so go home and spend some time focusing on that alone. Think of it like doing drills, over and over again.

Training Tips For Aspiring Motocross Champions

It’s important because it allows you to really develop and embed the movement into muscle memory. Once you reach the subconscious level you free up your mental capacity for other areas. Like reading the terrain ahead, which will actually help you go faster. Think of a Dakar rider capable of riding at +80mph … Read the rest

How To Recover After An Endurance Race

How To Recover After An Endurance Race – Do recovery runs really help you recover? How often should you do them? Here’s your guide to recovery runs and their importance.

Going out for a second run of the day hardly feels like recovery. What is recovery anyway and what is the point of it? How to distinguish junk miles from recovery miles? Understanding this workout and the benefits it can provide will help you run better, recover faster, and improve your running fitness.

How To Recover After An Endurance Race

Recovery runs are best performed after moderate to high TSS efforts such as training, racing, or strength training. Endurance athletes often suffer from muscle soreness after such workouts, and recovery runs are designed to relax the body by increasing blood flow and waste elimination. This is vital for performance, as stiffness and soreness can limit your mobility, reduce power output, … Read the rest

Technology In Motogp

Technology In Motogp – If you’ve paid even a cursory attention to MotoGP over the past few years, you’ve noticed something of an aerodynamic revolution going on for motorcycles.

And some of that work is trickling down to road bikes, with virtually all of the latest superbikes having fenders, and now the focus is on other areas where progress needs to be made. New Yamaha patents show that they are focusing on forks and ways to improve airflow around them.

Technology In Motogp

Yamaha has already tested its new aerodynamic fork covers, launching them at the Jerez test last November, but the patent explains how they work and why fork covers could be a fertile area for future development.

Motogp™ Tech Recap: What We’ve Seen So Far In 2021

The Ducati GP machines also use their own variation of this idea this year, although only covering the top part, while … Read the rest

Street Racing And The Media

Street Racing And The Media – Copyright © 2024, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

Popular Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and other forms of social media have served as a bullpen for the Los Angeles street racing community in recent years.

Street Racing And The Media

At one point, two cars tore down the Compton track, which was slick from previous races. The drivers teased each other and placed small bets on each competition. Then someone shouted.

Police Anxious To Enforce New Street Racing Seizure Law

The blue and red glare of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department cruiser bounced off their rear windows as drivers and onlookers scrambled into the nearest vehicle.

Inside one of the fleeing cars, the driver barked to a new location. Another man in the back seat typed … Read the rest

Innovations In Motogp Racing

Innovations In Motogp Racing – (BUSINESS WIRE) – After ending 2021 with the MotoGP World Constructors’ Title victory for the second consecutive year, the Lenovo Ducati Team is ready for a new season, in which technology will play a more important role. Since 2018, Lenovo’s technology partnership with Ducati has helped the team innovate and improve on-track performance. Innovation, speed and security are at the heart of this evolution. Enabled by a wide range of smarter solutions, Lenovo’s data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligent collaboration continue to drive improvements and help the team accelerate simulations and real-time data analysis, constantly shifting technology between the world Ducati racing and street. bicycles.

The first goal for the 2022 season is to complete the Remote Garage project, which allows engineers to receive real-time data and interact with the garage and the bikes while working remotely. In addition, Ducati and Lenovo are committed … Read the rest

Best Hill Climb Racing Upgrades For Each Vehicle

Best Hill Climb Racing Upgrades For Each Vehicle – Garage is an extra feature in the main game where you can build custom cars. Unlocking costs 300 gems. Its capabilities range from upgradeable components such as Inline 4 engines to Diesel V8 TT engines, along with different body frame types and even different types of tires.

The Hill Climber (shown below), is a basic body for a custom car. It looks and works just like the regular Hill Climber. The Hill Climber body is a common car body found in gift chests.

Best Hill Climb Racing Upgrades For Each Vehicle

The first car is there when you unlock the garage, but you can create more cars, starting at 1 million coins. Each subsequent car is 1 million coins more than the previous one. The car name is the chassis name but can be changed for free.

Progression And Rank

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Legendary Motogp Battles

Legendary Motogp Battles – Andrea Dovizioso (4), Valentino Rossi (46) and Toni Elias (24) on their way to their first MotoGP victory at Donington Park in 2009. Photo courtesy of Dorna.

Andreas Dovizioso and Hans-Georg Anscheidt have each been named MotoGP™ Legends in 2023. Italian rider Dovizioso will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at Mugello and German rider Anscheidt at Sachsenring, each has a place in the reading books!

Legendary Motogp Battles

Dovizioso won the 125cc World Championship in 2004, moved up to become a consistent challenger in the 250 class and then won his MotoGP™ debut in 2008, taking his first podium as the class’ premier rookie. The following season Dovizioso took his first race win and until his departure from Honda at the end of 2011, he was a constant threat to the podium. His next season saw him debut with Yamaha Tech3, where he once … Read the rest